Houghton Country Case Study


Houghton Country

We have been working closely with Houghton Country as they prepare to launch the UK’s first superstore for riders.

We were commissioned to build a Horse rug stand display for what will be the largest equestrian and country store in the North East.

Our client sent us a rough sketch with their ideas which we then turned into an engineering design drawing. These were then passed back to our client from their approval.

Once we had our designs approved we converted the engineering drawings to finalised assembly drawings and the project was able to begin. See below the rendered drawings: 

Collage Drawings Houghton

Once the material was sourced and delivered we started making some test pieces which were all tested in-house by our inspection department. Supports had to be added to the horse body at this point, as we noticed during testing that the horse body was bending slightly when adding weight.

Houghton Country

Once our inspection team had put the components through rigorous inspection we then invited the customer to our head office for approval.

Approval was granted from our client allowing us to make the remaining 64 pieces from Mild Steel.

We then started working on the inner supporting ring which we formed using power rollers, we then welded two plates onto the end of each half so they could then be bolted together when assembled at our clients’ site.

Following this we had to weld the horse supports onto the main ring, these supports consisted of a box section with two laser cut brackets welded to allow the horse components to be attached and detached.

At this stage, all the individual parts were sent to our Powder Coating Division where we coated them RAL 7025 Matt.

nce they were coated we delivered them to Houghton Country for assembly, we joined the 2 halves of the ring together and added casters to the feet. We were then able to drop the individual horses onto the stand.

Ceri Howard,  Houghton Country said “ We contacted Impress with a slightly unusual request for a large horse rug stand to form the centerpiece of our new country store. They were able to design a fantastic, bespoke display which is now proudly situated and decked out with over 60 different styles of rug. Everyone from customers to suppliers are incredibly impressed with the display which we’re told is the best in the country, and everyone comments on it when they first visit our store. We’re really impressed with the attention to detail throughout the design and construction phase, the team at Impress were very thorough in ensuring it was exactly how we envisaged it and we’re now using Impress for other bespoke display work. Thanks to Jason and Liam for all their hard work, our store would not be complete without its stunning centerpiece! ”