Impress Group specialise in welding, weld reclamation, coded welding, overlay welding and carry out these processes all on one site.

A highly trained work force ensures we exceed our customer demands. Our fabrication shop is versatile and offers all our customers a welding service that will be remembered for quality, rapid delivery cost!

We offer a welding service backed up by the necessary welding qualifications and provide all the relevant paper work to ensure a water tight service is provided.

Our Welding Services include

  • Reclamation Welding 
  • Coded Welding
  • Stellite & Monel Welding 

We offer a rapid response time so downtime is kept to a minimal!

Reclamation Welding

Impressive welding offer a repair service to eliminate the cost of replacement parts and downtime as we understand the costs involved in sourcing a replacement part can be very expensive and also time consuming. We can weld an array of materials, which include all the exotics and cast materials. A 5 tonne overhead crane facility makes even the largest jobs easy to handle offer a very flexible service from welding small to large components.

Coded Welding

All of our welders are coded welders and offer an array of services in welding a vast range of different materials. The flexibility to weld an array of different materials, such as Carbon Steel to Duplex offers customers a solution to their welding needs and we provide a service like no other We are constantly investing in new welding qualifications to ensure we provide the best service we can ensuring customer satisfaction. Please ask a member of staff if you require any further information on the qualification we current hold.

Stellite & Monel Welding

Having the facility to carry out Stellite & Monel overlay welding ensures a reduction in wear on components. A typical example of the work we carry out can be seen in this photo. We had a customer who wanted to increase the life of this machined product as it was used to house a bearing. We carried out the process of Stellite & Monel overlay welding then the part gets machined out to leave the bore with a much more durable surface increasing the products life.


We understand the importance of minimal downtime and offer a breakdown service and as our welders are coded we can repair a wide range of fabrications/ parts from an array of material. Our rapid response to our customer’s demands ensure we get them back up and running in the shortest time as possible as we understand time is money!!

Do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 414 8901 or email sales@impressltd.co.uk for more information on how we can help you with your requirements.